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Sundriva Trading Mentor


For this section, we will be your trading facilitator. A trading facilitator has the responsibility of advising based on expert research on the type of trade setup a trader should pursue. We have a team of expert researchers and trading advisors, who will spot a trade setup with the highest probability for long term trading, swing trading, and intraday trading. In most cases individual traders may not have time to manage their trade or simply analyze the market for profitable trading. This is the case for those who desire consistent growth in their business of trading. This is where we come in as a trading facilitator to help you maintain an exponential growth for your trading business.

We cover all market segments of trading which include derivatives (Futures and options), currency, commodities and equity. Statistics shows, those who trade in the derivatives and equity market are reluctant to venture into the currency and commodity market. This case goes for those who trade in the currency and commodity market developing fear about trading in the equity and derivatives market. The fear of venturing into other segments or simply limiting yourself to a particular segment is what we wish to eliminate in any trader. With our focus in all the segments, we can completely expand your trading base. We guide traders past their fears and hesitation to execute trades in other segments.

Features of Trading Mentor Module

  • It comes with pre-predictable trade prospects with considerable risk reward ratio. It is able to balance the level of risk you will incur, if you execute the trade, with the reward you get thereafter.
  • It is tailor-made for those who are serious about trading. Most of them are those who are consistent traders or intend to trade for long-term.
  • It is based on executing quality trades rather than huge trades, which means that a trader can expect favorable returns.
  • The trader or user can get clear technical explanation on why the trade should be executed in a particular way. This will help them to develop strong psychological support when using the model in executing a trade.
  • With this module, it is a one-stop shop for all market segments which include the derivatives, equity, commodities and currency.
  • The user can get a chart presentation of profitable and non-profitable trades. This is sorted in terms of asset class and the time range to help forecast future trades.
  • During trade status update, you will get SMS and email notifications. This will help you to know the action to take in executing the trade.

Examples of trade status updates and what actions to take include:

  • Pending – For this status update, the trader has to wait for the trade to come into a specific entry price in order to execute it.
  • Open – Here, the price of the trade has come into entry price and executed. The trader should carefully track the trailing stop loss, stop loss price and target price.
  • Closed for profit – The trade here closed with profit by either triggering the trailing stop loss price or hitting the target price.
  • Closed for loss – The trade was closed with a loss by hitting the stop loss price. To safeguard your trade and minimize your loss, it is advisable to always maintain stop loss.
  • Closed for break-even – When the trade is open and you execute it, it might remain static after a specific duration whereby it neither moves up or down. You can proceed to exit the trade and we say you have closed for break-even.
  • Closed for no entry – During the pending status, the trade might not come into entry price for you to execute the trade. If this status goes on for sometime, you should close the trade. We say you have closed for no entry.
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