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Trading Skill Development Training


Do you desire to know how to trade in share market like a pro? Well, we are here to aid you out in this regard. If you want to be a successful trader, you certainly need to be trained well, isn’t it? Well, we have a program which revolutionizes all sorts of trading. We offer you the precise and lucrative trading methods to make you have profits in the share market. There is a complete solution to thrive in trading Forex, commodities of future or stocks.

Well, it’s a known fact that the share market will be highly fluctuating and making profits lies in the right investment decision. Availing our trading skill development training and free stock tips you can learn the best trading strategies to make the apt choice whilst trading. Our trading training centre offers access to online workshops, on-demand education, and guided trading paths that designed to aid traders at any phase and help them to enhance their trading skills.

Why opt for our trade training course?

We are the leading firm dedicated to offer the training; trading mentor software; trading rules and tricks, and all the imperative support to facilitate you emerge as a profitable trader. Our aim is to aid you to fulfill your investing or trading potential to accomplish your financial objectives. We train you in the only pure trade rule based techniques which eliminate trader irrationality and let you relish consistent results for sure. All in all, with us you will be assured to get the valuable stock market education.


With our training you will learn

  • Proper risk management.
  • How to read, decode, and interpret greed and fear in any market using Technical analysis only.
  • The power of utilizing multiple time analysis.
  • How to earn from share market and make lots of profits.
  • How to utilize major and minor price support or resistance areas without the requirement for subjective indicators.
  • Trade with utmost confidence, even in market context with sideways or ups & downs.
  • Once you know how to learn share market, you are probable to become full time or a part time trader.


Steps To Be Learn By The Mentor

  • Basic idea of a stock market.
  • Basic Terminology of stock market.
  • Introduction to multiple Asset Classes.
  • Introduction to Market Cap, Sector & Index.  
  • Market timing & Effects of Global Indices in Indian Market.
  • Types of analysis.
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis.
  • Introduction to trading platform and their application.
  • Various types of price chart.
  • Trend Analysis technique.
  • Fibonacci Retracement Tool.
  • Importance of candle sticks setup.
  • Various types of Pattern analysis technique.
  • Wholesale (Demand) & Retail price (Supply) identification technique for high probability & low risk entry.
  • Price strength identification technique for high probability long & short entry or exit.
  • The magical effects of trading gaps.
  • Pivot Study & Multiple time frame for high probability trade setup.
  • Scoring technique of high probability trade setup.
  • Details of Risk management, money management & trade management (stop loss, trailing stop loss using moving average and super trend indicator, risk to reward ratio & position sizing).
  • Trading Law.
  • Secret of a professional trader (Trade plan, Trade logs of profitable & losing trade, trading psychology).
  • Stock selection technique for intraday, swing & long term.
  • Order entry technique for professional trade.
  • Live trading in markets with real money using mentor trade module.                  


Our trading course is affordably priced and it covers almost all the essential topics to trade like a pro. The vital topic covered includes; fundamental stock market, market timing, different asset class overview, market trend, chart patterns, trade and analysis review and so on. Contact us today to get to know more about our services!

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Course Fees




(with 6 Months Free Accessibility of Sundriva Trading Mentor Section.)

    On the successful completion a student can recommend us trade using our core strategy; if their trade will qualified with our system then they will be rewarded.