Privacy Policy

Sundriva Solutions Pvt. Ltd. values the importance of each person's individuality, self-worth and right to privacy and respect. We are esteemed by the relationship and we promise you that we will never share any information to any our clients and non clients whose information resides with us. The Privacy Policy of Sundriva Solutions applies to the current, existing and upcoming clients. Go through the Privacy Policy mentioned below:

You can be rest assured that any information given by you whether it is public or private will not be shared, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company or individual for any reason without your permission.

Your information will only be used to provide you proper services for which you have subscribed to us.

Your information given to us represents your identity with us. If there are any changes made in the information you have provided us, you are requested to inform us either by calling or sending mail.

In addition to the service provided to you, your information (Mobile Number, E-Mail ID etc.) can be used for sending you newsletters, survey, contest information, or information about any new services of the Company which can be very useful to you and while subscribing for our services you agree that Sundriva Solutions has the right to do so.

By subscribing to our services you agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.